Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ethiopian Art by Dereje Dimissie

by Liz

I saw Dereje Dimissie's work in Addis at the Makush Gallery (I think) while we were there but didn't have a chance to make a purchase. Luckily I found him again online and was able to get in touch with him (when the power grid allowed!) and we purchased this amazing painting from him through the mail.

I really admire his depictions of Ethiopian women. Strong, noble, beautiful. His work speaks for itself. If you're looking for something beautiful to grace your walls and inspire your family contact him (I hope he doesn't mind my shameless plug)!

His email is:


Amy said...

Hi Liz,
I love Dereje's work. How did you get these? Did he send you images online? Does he have a website? (I guess not ;-) Were his prices reasonable? We'll be in Addis in March/April and I'd love to get some stuff like this.
Thanks! Amy

The Biscuit Gang said...

Yes, he sent me images to choose from. I wired him the payment and shipping costs and he took the canvas off the stretched and mailed the painting. His prices were very reasonable - more so than buying through the gallery which was, I think, the Makush gallery in Addis (I'm not finding their website now - I wonder if they're out of business? They shared a space with a restaurant but I'm not finding the site anymore. My advice if you have him mail you a painting is to request that he include the stretchers in the package (disassembled) because its expensive and difficult to recreate here (metric system and all). Have a great time there. I'm jealous!

The Biscuit Gang said...

I found a web reference to him as well at the link below.