Thursday, September 24, 2009

We all Love Shoes!

by Liz

I can't say it enough. I LOVE! It keeps the creative juices flowing and out of trouble. If not for Zazzle, I'd be spending time and m
oney surfing for more home decor, which
Dan keeps reminding me we
definitely don't need.

So, Zazzle does a social service in addition to letting me design fun and frivolous tshirts, mugs and now, yes, SHOES! What girl doesn't love shoes? And
what designer doesn't love a new medium?

Here's mine:*

These were all inspired by my latest line of Jungle Safari birthday stationary which I designed for the Communities United Benefit Auction. Another women donated her cake-making services and we put together a cute little set. I think I'll donate one to the Ethiopian Orphan Relief auction as well (

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Amber said...

Liz those shoes are so darn cute!