Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What do we need to bring to Ethiopia?

(by Dan)

I like gum. I chew a lot of it.

I can do practically everything while chewing as well, even drink coffee.
Now I'm mostly chewing sugar free Stride. in equal amounts of either Sweet Berry or Forever Fruit.
If I can't find Stride I'm also very happy with Trident's Tropical Twist.

My grandfather's a Juicy Fruit man.

I'm guessing that the kids at the Toukul orphanage are all going to all want a piece of my gum as well. This is a concern of mine and I'm hoping to pick up some corporate sponsorship from either gum manufacturer.

As a chewer of both Stride gum, and Trident gum, I hope my readers freely reach for either brand.
for more information on Stride or Trident please view or

now gum execs, please send me some sugar free gum to share with all my new friends?

So I'll have gum. Underwear. I think dark colored ones are better. Continuing with my love of fruit- 14 day trip- hmmm...
8 pair Fruit of the Looms. Bring equal amounts socks. Find laundorama in Addis.

I am really excited about going to Ethiopia- which for me is odd as I am mostly a real homebody and mother hen preferring to stick around the nest. Obviously getting Ru is the major draw (duh right?) but we're scheduling in an extra week so we can go to Harar which is an old walled city that's supposed to be "other worldly" and we'll also being taking a trip to Ru's hometown to do some investigating and take pictures for her.

Unfortunetly we won't be able to meet anyone from her birth family but I think having photos of her original eden will someday be appreciated. I have a hard time thinking about what it will be like for Ru when she's older to have that lingering unanswered question about her birth mother and father. Aside from my excitement about adding Ru to our family I do feel a deep sadness when I think about the sense of loss her birth mother must feel.

We will definetly take Ru back to her hometown when she is older and wants to find out more about her past.

Add to list: open sense of adventure

So, gum, underwear, camera and curiousity.

I will keep working on this list, in the meantime- if anyone knows any gum execs...
and I'm totally vexed on what to bring for shoes?

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