Sunday, June 22, 2008

On the wisdom of Widgets

(by Dan)

Dear reader, to our right, is a very clever little computer widget by Lilypie that as of yesterday said, "1 month and 1 day until Rukiya is home."

I've been using that gauge to keep myself on track for our trip and the impending responsabilities of fatherhood. It's working really well and I've got the one month jitters.

It's the official countdown to my Pooperbowl Championship! We've just got 2 more pictures of lil Ru and she's eating very well- and has had the appearance of a rather cranky little linebacker in the last 2 photo sessions. I am not sure if she's trying to tell me something? ("oh papa you are IN FOR IT NOW!") the pictures are very sweet and I will share them (plus ones where she is hopefully smiling) after we come back to the States.

This is something that I've heard about from other folks we've met who are adopting/have adopted -that everyone seems to get really stressed out about- "why isn't he/she smiling in the photos?" I have no idea- but I can't wait to make her smile. I've seen some funny videos of the first time the parents meet their child and... the child starts wailing the minute mama goes for the first grab! Guess what- I'm not bringing the video camera. I want to see it with my own eyes- not later on the Sony.

So back to my widget.

Yesterday Liz asked if I'd purchased the backup batteries for our digital camera yet- and I said "no not yet- but we've still got a month..."

And she said, "no we don't!" and I said "yes, it's right here on the computer, 1 month and 2 days!?" and she said, "yes, 1 month and 2 days UNTIL Rukiya is HOME, we're going to be there for 2 weeks remember? that means we're leaving here for Addis in about 2 and half weeks."

I had what we call a minor "come-a-part." Everything that has not been taken care of yet flashed before mine Irish eyes.

The battery was purchased this morning thanks in part to (INSERT FREE AD FOR POSSIBLE CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP HERE) Ebay and PayPal (an Ebay subsidiary)... Hopefully it will get here in 2 weeks, it's currently in Hong Kong. That's a long way for extra juice.

Other loose ends:

Biscuit gang member, Lola our dog, will be taken care of by the Hanson family, she will be so spoiled I don't really want to think about the consequences of our return: "Where's the chicken on the crunchies, Dude?"

Biscuit gang member, Sinclair St. Claire (aka Evil Kitty of Doom) will be in a lockdown situation at the Diamond Kennel in West Alexandria, Preble County. Fans of Doom can write to in-mate 009-99-22-DOOM. Any and all email may or may not be read or responded to. Doom reserves this right.

Other serious things you need to think about before going to pick up your little one:
1. "That annoying and catchy cough on the plane directly behind you" Your health insurance- is it ready for the new family member? "why did that A#&@*&@le get on the plane if he was so sick? Infect my baby! you A#&@*&@le!"

2. "Going down in a flaming blaze of glory somewhere over Dulles airport"
OH REALLY- you don't think it couldn't happen? God does have a sense of humor-
Your last will and testament- is it updated to include your new family member? Get that taken care of. It could happen.

3. "Oh my God! they went down in a flaming blaze of glory somewhere over Dulles airport!" says the Guardians/Godparents of your new family member! Make sure that you've made provisions with notaries- so that if this happens your child's legal guardians can go over and get him/her as quickly as possible and bring them back home.

Once you're legally approved as a parent, that kid is YOURS! make sure they're not caught in a legal limbo somewhere just cause you've "Gone down in a flaming blaze of glory somewhere over Dulles airport!"

Serious notes to end a post on for me- but all concerns to contend with.
Damn widget.

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lindsay said...

oh my GOD -- you make me laugh out loud! [sophie would be so TOTALLY mortified that I didn't say LOL; and she absolutely dies when I say "walkman" vs. "ipod" by accident... boy, we OLD parents sure know how to date ourselves!

can't wait to keep privy to all your thoughts and processes! keep them coming!
love you guys, and counting the days with you! xo L