Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Inspiration Gondar

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(By Liz) I've been meaning to designed a line of stationary inspired by the very stylized aesthetic of the religious mural paintings of Debre Birhan Selassie in Gondar. Finally, I've gotten it off the "to-do" list and into the "done" one!

>>See the new line here on Zazzle.

We were told at the National Museum of Ethiopa in Addis Ababa that the Ethiopian style emerged out of religious illuminated manuscripts that were influenced by early Italian clergy. Can you see it?
Also, we were told that if the characters depicted have two eyes they are good, while if they're shown in profile with just one eye, they're evil. Bet you'll be looking twice now too!

While researching photos I came across this blog for an adventurous couple the Goodboons who've caravanned across East Africa in a Scarlet Toyota...



Aimee said...

AMAZING! You are so talented! Do we order via Zazzle?

The Biscuit Gang said...

Here are the direct links to the Gondar Angels on Zazzle: