Monday, February 22, 2010

Ethiopia & adoption on my mind... again

by Liz

Oops, I did it again.... I read Melissa Faye Greene's "There's no me without you."

It started out innocently enough to fulfill my book club's book review obligation. A quick re-read accompanied with photos from our trip to adopt little Ru in July 2008. This will be a breeze. Right?

Well, except that its so heart-wrenching, compelling and packed with facts and beautiful description that I couldn't pay it the injustice of a breeze-through.

I hadn't read the book since way before we'd submitted our dossier to adopt from Ethiopia in 2007. Now, as I am (still) wrestling with writing her Lifebook, I was struck with the realization that, for our little girl, this is the closest thing I have to explaining how she ended up here in rural Ohio with us.

As I'm sorting this all out, our social work agency, Catholic Social Services of Miami Valley asked me to participate in their Adoption Fair as a representative adoptive parent. Sitting in that room surrounded by adoption agency tables... it was almost too much to bear and I'm pondering the leap again.

That book should come with a warning label... "those who read this book may just end up pushed off the adoption ledge!" Yes, I'm teetering...


paige said...

hope you land where you'd like to.

Paula said...

I came across your blog through the Yahoo Ethiopia Adoption group. Anyway, this post brought a smile to my face, because I just reread this book a couple of weeks ago, and now my head is swimming with the idea of adopting again, too. It's just so darn compelling! We'll see what happens, I guess, but I should be careful about a reread in the future!