Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finding our rhythm

by Liz

There are days that pass in a flurry of routines, errands, meals, diapers, laundry, work, diapers and then its bedtime and we lay down to start all over again.

And then there's the shining moments that sneak up when you least expect, maybe pass undetected at first but tap on the shoulder of your conscience later... those moments of finding a rhythm as a Mom, as a family, and watching your little one find a rhythm of her own... when she lifts up her knee to walk up the front step like a Papa, when you ask her to point at a snake in the book and she can - three pages back, when the baby monitor exposes her trilling a song of her own during naptime... when she just has to wear your favorite pair of boots... when she watches an African drum show enraptured and then approaches the drum and finds it will sing for her too... when you arrive at the daycare and she jumps from her chair with glee...when she wins yet another friend at the playground and then takes your hand to toddle back to the car.

Our baby is stepping into the parade from observer to participant.

Little things wrapped in big things. Moments that hint at futures. Isn't it thrilling to imagine the songs she'll sing?

1 comment:

paige said...

It's magical isn't it? The passage of time contains SO much. Very glad your gal has joined the show--we love a parade around these parts