Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Model Baby

by Liz

Dove International, our agency, called and wanted to profile our Ethiopian Adoption t-shirt and announcement designs for*.

They needed it was time for Ru's first "commercial" photo shoot.

Wardrobe: I suited Ru up in her "mimi" onesie and thought to try it with a jean skirt (ummm, nope) and then a plaid skirt (still nope)... they "bound" her up like a rich mans' sausage. Not wanting to undermine her Ethiopian authenticity we settled on the straight onsie.

We waited for the sun to sallow out around 7pm and readied to head down to the neighbors with the idea of getting a family photo with all of us in our "We are family" coordinated shirts. 
It was hot out. 93 degrees... Africa hot. We called for the Diva, and she had a whole list of demands before she'd "step out of her stroller" for the photo shoot; there was a mandatory swim session in the plastic pool, then a bit of a crawl to work out the kinks... then a big 10 oz bottle was requested (she was afraid she'd look a little too lean) and so we finally went to work.

Denise, our star photographer had clocked out for the evening and her dutiful assistant, Mike struggled to work a smile out of the little lady. After a brief discussion, Papa and Mama, the other two "props" stepped out of the photos... it turns out that rolls only look cute on babies... and took turns alternatively shooting or flailing madly at the 
Diva to elict a smile... you see the best of the efforts here with the agent's signoff. 80 shots for three winners. Let the public enjoy... and as Ru would say (if she could say more than "Di Da) "eat cake!"


JourneytoFamily said...

Love the pics! So cool that you're shirts are being featured! We love ours!!!

Jess Dorado said...

Beautiful photos of your darling Ru. What a cutie patootie!

And the shirt looks awesome - way cool that you're getting publicity!!

paige said...

Al of that cuteness in such a teeny package. I'm so glad Dove is featuring all of you.

Let's get together soon!

JonesEthiopia said...

The onezie is darling on Ru. I have the same one for R! Super cute. :)

paige said...

Must have more Ru soon (not to bug you or anything...)

Jess Dorado said...

Tag, you're it!!! Your turn to answer 7 random questions on your blog. *grin* Look here for more info:

Amber said...

What a sweetie! I got your blog address from Emily.
It is cool to see other families who adopted from Toukoul! Thanks for sharing the photos.