Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day of departure

(by dan)

up before the alarm!

I'm sure that does not surprise anyone? not even me and I'm a sleep junky.
A habit that I understand will end cold turkey with baby Ru's demands.

I wanted to leave enough time this morning to spoil my dog Lola as I understand she'll be taking a back seat for attention when we get back...

and she's responding very well to the bologna that I've decided to eat for breakfast. Should we eat the entire package?

Must load up now on coffee and get crackin! Selam!
See you soon grandma and grandpa!
xo dan and liz


Watkins said...

Liz and Dan,

We're looking forward to meeting you both soon in Ethiopia!

Lisa & Tim Watkins

Sanders Family said...

On behalf of Sinclair St. Clair:

I look forward to the return of my underlings, Dan and Liz. I have added Mike and Jesse to my rank and file, though they require more training to fully meet my needs. I have gone a full week without any CHICKEN!!! This is disasterous. I am not getting nearly the level of attention that I am used to and the boys next door have been gone as well since this past Wednesday. IF this type of behavior continues I will be filing formal charges with PETA. Please return soon and I will grace you with my presence. Love,