Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lifebooks and other Inspirations...

by Liz

While I sit on the couch, house quiet as baby Ru sleeps, I'm working on Ru's Lifebook. A challenge that has teased and nagged and eluded me as I work on finding my wings as a first time parent.

Now its time to try on my wings as an Adoptive parent. I've filled out paperwork, gone to classes, read blogs, listened to professionals but now is the litmus test... I must make a book that answers, interprets, predicts and soothes. That fills in the question marks that can never really be filled in... see why I lag?

I've found my guru in Beth O'Malley's guide "Creating a Treasure for the Adopted Child." I recommend its step by step outline. But filling in the missing photos, links, stats, whys and what-ifs... well, I'm on my own.

I will post a series of links I've found useful for other adoptive parents in this project... hopefully I'll save someone a few late night minutes!

Life Books:

Adoption & Ethiopia Background Info:

Maps & Photos:

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